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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why, Yes, I Do Like Movies About Gladiators

  • I realize that yesterday was Labor Day and the travel season has come to an end, but with holiday trips not far off, you might want a refresher course on what the Transportation Security Administration allows you to carry onto an airplane. As of today, here are a few samples of what you can and can't carry on, from the TSA's website:

    Knitting needles.............. allowed
    Because no self-respecting bad guy would be caught dead trying to cause terror with knitting needles. Come on, he'd be the laughing stock of the terrorist community.

    Jell-O / Pudding................ not allowed
    At least we know Bill Cosby won't be trying to hijack your plane. Now if we can just make sure "Ghost Dad" is banned from all in-flight movies.

    Scissors (blades shorter than 4")...... allowed
    But of course. I mean, surely not even the greatest of criminal masterminds could figure out a way to harm someone with a pair of razor-sharp 4 inch blades.

    Mouthwash.................. not allowed
    Obviously the War on Halitosis is not important to the Bush administration. In other news, George Bush doesn't care about the Orbit gum lady.

    Screwdrivers (7" or less)..... allowed
    Well. That's good to know.

    Transformer Toys.............. allowed
    (as long as they're not Decepticons)
    Surprising, especially since they are more than meets the eye...

    Source: the official TSA website


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