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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pirates Baseball: We Will Come Hungry, So Catch It!

A sense of hope fills the air this week in Western Pennsylvania, as our beloved Pittsburgh Pirates get set to take to the field tomorrow for their first spring training game. It's always a time of unbridled optimism; the Buccos will be able to play for at least six to eight more weeks without the cloud of mathematical elimination looming overhead.

It's also when we're first exposed to the Pirates marketing plan, specifically their slogan. The buzz is that the wizards who came up with "Come Hungry" will be implimenting "We Will" again this year, since that worked so well last year and no one added their own, mocking ending to it.

Just in case they decide not to go with "We Will", here are a few other options; feel free to vote for your favorite:

What should the Pirates' 2007 slogan be?
Pirates Baseball: After hockey, what else are you gonna watch, the Xplosion?
Pirates Baseball: Like watching a monkey try to f--k a football
Pirates Fever: It's better than Hepititis A
Pirates Baseball: Yeah, like you could do better, fatty free polls



Anonymous Woy said...

I was going to break the story about three weeks ago, where I got a verification inside the Pirates organization that it will be, yes... again, "We Will." Someone else in the blogosphere reported it before I did though.

Personally, I like "Who Knows?"

10:51 PM  
Blogger J.T. said...

"Who Knows" has a certain mystery and coyness that I like. It's not making any promises; it just offers the fans the chance to gamble on buying a ticket. In fact, maybe there could be tie-in promotions with the upcoming casino... I think we're onto something...

8:30 AM  

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