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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Run Around (And Around)

Blues Traveler singer and harmonica player John Popper had a little run-in with the authorities yesterday. Not only was his SUV clocked at 111 mph, but further inspection of it turned up some interesting items:

"Officers found a cache of weapons and a small amount of marijuana, the Patrol said. A police dog searched the vehicle, finding numerous hidden compartments containing four rifles, nine handguns and a switchblade knife. Authorities also found a Taser and night vision goggles."
-Access Hollywood

So, in fairness to Popper, he wasn't driving at the time but it was his vehicle. And another fun part of the story is that, when asked why his vehicle featured flashing emergency lights, a siren and a public address system, he said it was because, in the event of a natural disaster, he "didn't want to be left behind".

Either way, apparently blues is the least of what John Popper's traveling with.



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