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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Reaction News

Channel 4 Action News (Where You Come First) is trying to get your dander up again with new quotes from Sienna Miller, talking about how she had to apologize for calling our town "Shitsburgh":

"I understand the patriotism of that city, but really I don't think it was that big a deal. I had to meet the mayor live on TV and apologize. It was huge!" said Miller. "People are dying in Iraq and where is our focus, you know what I mean?"

Ok, stupid quote. Obviously, our annoyance at her mocking our city in a national magazine and caring about the war in Iraq are not mutually exclusive things. If someone walked into your house and pooped on your carpet, you could be upset about that while still being concerned about the war.

But keep your eye on WTAE here. They took that quote from an interview in the U.K.'s weekly newspaper The Guardian. However, WTAE neglected to include this other Sienna nugget from the same interview:

"But I don't deliberately hurt anybody. And, actually, I like Pittsburgh, I do." - Sienna Miller
-The Guardian

Now, while Sienna doesn't seem to be the brightest of bulbs (click here for her stance on drugs), shenanigans has to be called on Channel 4 for not showing that other, nicer quote.

So, don't let them or any of the other local news outlets get a rise out of you with this idiotic sensationalism. Please, for the love of God, ignore it and hopefully it'll go away.



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