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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tooth Fare

Today's Post Gazette is reporting that, these days, kids are getting more dough than ever from the Tooth Fairy:

"The poll found that the overall range per tooth is 25 cents to $20 (last year's high was $25). It didn't say who's skewing the curve at the high end, but the culprit isn't necessarily Donald Trump."

-Pittsburgh Post Gazette

That can't be true, can it? The only person I can imagine giving her kids $25 bucks for each tooth they lost would be Angelina Jolie, since she's rich and collects little foreign kids from around the world like normal people collect shotglasses*.

*Joke courtesy of Big Ric. He actually said "like normal people collect flags of the world from Disney". Since I'm the only person left who's never been to Disney, I got frightened and confused and changed it to "shotglasses". In other words, you got two lame-ass jokes for the price of one. We passed the savings on to you!



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