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Thursday, September 14, 2006

If Trent Green Ever Wakes Up, Tell Him He's Lucky We Didn't Fine Him

Football stuff to tide us over until Monday night's Steeler game...
The NFL announced yesterday that the Cincinnati Bengals' Robert Geathers would not be fined after nearly conducting a head-ectomy on Kansas City Chiefs' Quarterback Trent Green last Sunday. Geathers was pushed into a sliding Green (hitting a sliding quarterback is a no-no), driving Green's mellon squarely into the ground. You'll find file footage of the hit here. The injury was labled as a "serious concussion" (as opposed to a "humorous concussion", the kind Troy Aikman used to receive), and Green will be out for 2 to 3 weeks.
The NFL's reaction is interesting, not because they didn't fine Geathers (he did seem to be pushed), but because they sort of blamed Trent Green:

"...the responsibility of the quarterback is to use the protection properly. This rule will continue to be strictly enforced, and violations are likely to result in disciplinary action."

Yeah, that'll teach him.
Enjoy your lunch through that straw, Trent.



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