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Thursday, October 12, 2006

All Hail Charlie

Congrats to Steelers' #2 quarterback Charlie Batch, who's been named Mayor of Washington, PA for a day and given a key to the city. Click here for the details.

Charlie Batch's list of things to accomplish during his day in power:

  • Have ground broken on "Bed Batch and Beyond" store
  • Publicly execute the next motherf***er that rolls up on him and says "Congratulations, Hines!"
  • Invite City Council members to join him in a public symposium discussing the societal importance of the clipboard
  • Use key to the city to jimmy open lock to Cowher's office; pencil himself in as Sunday's starter
  • Sign law making it illegal to approach him and say "Batches?! We don' need no steenking Batches"

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thats pretty funny... ha ha

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