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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dude, KDKA Has Your Back

As the local TV stations continue to suckle every last drop of milk from Mother Nature's wintry teat, KDKA has found the angle that allows them to tie the bad weather to Valentine's Day:

"One can't help but wonder, with these adverse weather conditions, will it make it all the more difficult for Valentine's Day deliveries. Preparing for the wicked weather conditions is only half the battle."

Great. Not only do they want us to believe that we're going to die at the hands of "the worst snowstorm of the season", but now they're harshing our mellow with the news that the over-priced flowers and mylar balloons we've ordered may not make it to our loved ones in time for Valentine's Day.

On the otherrrr hannnnd...

If you forgot Valentine's Day, you can just print the story and show it to your signifigant other, while grumbling incoherently about the "stupid weather".

Thanks, KD!

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