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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Moose Is Loose

Sure, it's cold outside and it's been a long week, but things could always be worse. At least you didn't get hit by a falling stuffed moose head, like this young woman:

"Amy Walters said the moose head fell on her, striking her temple, while she was taking a biology test at Penn State Fayette in February 2005. Walters said she was able to finish the test but went to the emergency room when she continued to suffer from nausea and a severe headache."

The story goes on to say that, two years later, Ms. Walters is suing Penn State, since she needs money and can't find a job after graduating she's been suffering ever since the accident.

Not to mention the fact that she can't even be in the room when Rocky and Bullwinkle are on*.

*Because of my mocking tone, I assume that I'll be injured in some sort of a freak accident at any moment now. I'll keep you posted.


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