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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Movie Review: Disturbia

Disturbia, in theaters April 13th

If you've seen the previews for the movie Disturbia, you probably noticed similarities to the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window. Well, Disturbia's ok, but Rear Window it ain't.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't hate this movie. It's got decent acting and isn't without some tense moments. But it also includes a scene in which the overhead boom microphone is so visible, that it's almost hitting the actors on the head. The audience was actually laughing. (As a side note, positive audience reaction at the premiere included a guy yelling "Whoop that ass!" during the climax. Yeah, like you've never yelled that during a climax.)

If you're looking to escape with a thriller that doesn't require a lot of thought, this is your movie. I give it 2 out of 4 visible boom mics.



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