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Sunday, April 01, 2007

We're Number Won

Congrats to WVU for winning the N.I.T. title and congrats to the players for noticing that the company which made their t-shirts misspelled the name of the state:

The "West Virginia" printed on the shirts the players wore after winning the NIT Thursday night is missing the last "i" in "Virginia."

See? Who says you can't get a decent education in West Virginia? The people with the company that printed the shirts probably realized they'd made a mistake but figured that nobody in West Virginia would catch on, since most West Virginians dropped out of school before spelling was taught.

I'm totally kidding. West Virginia is a great place filled with nice people. Did you know that it's wild and wonderful? It's true. I actually have several friends there, but I don't catch up with them often since they don't have phones and they're usually busy running moonshine.

Again, I'm just messing with the West Virginians. They rock. If you don't believe me, just check out Feedback with Steve Adams. He's an award-winning newscaster and blogger who writes things that are easily 7000 times more intelligent than anything you'll find here. Unfortunately, the average West Virginian has never read his blog because their "computers" are actually old broken microwave ovens that they found alongside the road.

Wow, this is really not coming out the way I'd hoped. Bottom line: West Virginia is a damned nice place where everyone's treated like family. Mostly because they're all related to one another. So it's like one big family reunion!

Ok, obviously, I can't stop putting my foot in my mouth here. So, I'll shut up. But you honestly should pay a visit to the beautiful state of West Virginia. Because they can't come here, since no one there has cars.




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