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Thursday, June 21, 2007

We're Pretty Sure "Hellraiser 6" Started This Way

Lock your doors: this fall, the Carnegie Science Center is bringing the "Bodies" exhibit to town, which features 15 actual human corpses that have been preserved and placed in various sporting poses, such as "kicking a soccer ball" and "setting up a tennis serve". Oh, and there will be over 200 other body parts, including embryos and fetuses (feti?) on display for your viewing pleasure, as well.

Needless to say, some people aren't too happy, including at least one employee of the science center:

"One opponent is Elaine Catz, an 11-year employee of the science center who resigned over 'Bodies' last week. 'We don't know how these people died or why they died, and I don't think Premier knows, either,' she said, referring to the company, Premier Exhibitions of Atlanta, that is presenting the show."
-Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Look. Have we learned nothing from horror movies? Obviously these things will come to life at night, first killing the janitor and his scrappy dog before, later, trapping a smart (and sexy) female scientist who barely escapes with her life only to find out, in a surprising twist, that the slow-witted, undead creatures have actually been here for years, playing baseball at PNC Park.

It's as plain as the nose on... well, on that shelf over there.

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Blogger Der Geis said...

'We don't know how these people died or why they died, and I don't think Premier knows, either,'

But we do know what happened BEFORE they died. They all VOLUNTEERED for this process. (Well, except for the babies, which were all plasticized before 1935.) In fact, there is a long waiting list of people who want to give their bodies over to this process and have written so in their wills.

7:23 PM  
Blogger J.T. said...

Well, in this case, it doesn't look like the people did volunteer:

From the article:

"Premier says the corpses were unidentified or unclaimed, that every attempt was made to locate relatives before the bodies were turned over to police and then, through proper legal channels, to Premier's Chinese partners at Dalian Medical University's dissection and plastination operation."

8:08 PM  
Blogger Cotter said...

I've seen this display, and I was ok until I got to the Fetus's...that I couldn't take...beware of giggling when you get to the muscle part...they show balls(gasp)...

9:36 AM  

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