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Friday, June 08, 2007


Lots of people are anxiously awaiting the series finale of The Sopranos on Sunday night and we here at The Mantooth are no exception. Seems everyone has a theory on how the show will end; some speculate that Tony will go down in a hail of gunfire courtesy of the New York gang, while others think that T's destiny is life in the slammer. Some other possible endings:

  • Tony is sentenced to life in prison where he is shockingly killed by a shiv between the ribs from his cellmate Paris Hilton, who has recently converted to the Muslim religion
  • Tony aids the feds in foiling a terrorist attack and, in return, is entered into the witness protection program. In an O. Henry-esque twist, he begins his new life as "Ulf Soprannosen", defenseman and "enforcer" for the Philadelphia Flyers. In other words, hell on Earth
  • Tony wakes up in Massachusetts to find Paulie Walnuts lying next to him in bed, under 70's-style plaid sheets

*Photo courtesy of It fell off a truck. Whattayagunnado.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I predict Tony is kidnapped from his bed by the "Grays"---(those spacemen that Art Bell callers always see) and they perform scientific experiments on him while he is aboard their spacecraft. Then they return him to the Safehouse before morning. He only vaguely remembers the abduction...and mumbles.... "there is something other than this life... but women are not busses."

3:18 PM  
Anonymous GoonBlog said...

We should whack you for using that :)

2:58 PM  

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