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Friday, September 15, 2006

Cleveland Stealers

So, it's come to this?

For a mere $8.00 (plus shipping and handling), you too can own a Cleveland Browns officially licensed "Dirty Brown Towel". Which, according to the webpage, will restore "the old glory days of the Dog Pound".

First of all, not that it matters, but I'm pretty sure they misspelled "Dog" in the ad. Shouldn't it be "Dawg Pound"? Again, not that anybody really cares.

Secondly, the best they could do is a poorly-named ripoff of the Terrible Towel? I'm pretty sure Myron Cope didn't drink himself into a whiskey-induced haze and come up with this idea moments before passing out, just to have some crackhead from Cleveland change the color and call it his own.

I say why copy? Come up with your own creative ideas and promotions, right? Maybe honor Jim Brown with a "Throw Your Woman off the Second Level Balcony Day" at the stadium. Or invite fans onto the field at half time to enter a glass booth for the "Art Modell Mad Money Grab". How about a "Steal The Wheelchair From A Guy Who Has Spinal Bifida" promotion? Oh, wait, they already did that.

This needs to stop.

You're better than this, Cleveland.

Ok, maybe not.



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