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Friday, September 29, 2006

Some Day, Many, Many Years From Now, We'll Look Back And Laugh

Seems like just yesterday that Michael Keaton threw out the first berating, but here we are, entering the final weekend of the Pirates' 2006 season. How time flies.

Looking back, here's a complete list of highlights:

  • Cool fireworks

Ok, ok... we did have the All-Star Game, which allowed fans and players from other cities to bask in the glory of our ballpark and quietly pity the suckfest that it contains. Plus, there was Jason Bay... and Freddy Sanchez, whose nickname "Dirty" finally gave our fans a forum to publicly promote their favorite sex act.

Thanks for the fun, Buccos.

And don't worry. Like a battered wife who knows her spouse doesn't mean to hurt her- it's just that he's just under a lot of stress lately- we'll be back next year.



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