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Friday, September 22, 2006

It's Not Easy Being Green

Bad times for food and those of us who eat it on a regular basis.

First, the spinach recall is still growing, what with the rampant sickness and the E coli and whatnot. Not to mention Popeye being unable to defend himself against the nefarious schemes of Bluto and Brutus. (Were they two different guys or just one who decided to change his name? So many questions...)

Now, according to KDKA, the Allegheny County Department of Health is in such financial trouble that, among other things, they can only inspect one out of three restaurants... and school cafeterias are being inspected once every three years, as opposed to annually.

Some other results of the Health Department's lack of funding:

  • Primanti Brothers now offering discounted Mystery Meat Cheesesteaks (Egg optional)

  • Pittsburgh school children now able to study their own gastrointestinal ailments in biology class

  • To help raise money, health inspectors forced to play saxophone on Clemente Bridge before Pirates games

  • Pigeons frequently overheard complaining about all the rats in Market Square



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