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Monday, January 08, 2007

Well, We've Had A Good Run

Thanks to Kevin for alerting me to this story about the Food and Drug Administraion approving Slentrol, the first weight loss drug for dogs:

" 'It would be helpful,' [Professor of Animal Sciences] Fahey said of Slentrol, 'if people could feed their dogs less. That would be turning off the spigot instead of mopping the floor. Not everybody's going to do that.' ''

So, I guess that's it. Turn in your social security card on your way out, we're pretty much done as a country.

And a word of warning: you might want to check out before they start the commercials, featuring two dogs at sunset, bathing on a hill in matching antique claw-foot tubs.

Or the Doggie Viagra spots, with a sad-looking Schnauzer gazing longingly at his owner's shin.

You know we're almost there.

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