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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Blue Man Group

The next time you're fantasizing about how you'd pull off the perfect bank heist, you should probably dream up a better getaway vehicle than the city bus:

"Authorities said the man robbed the bank, and then boarded a Port Authority bus that was headed outbound on Forbes Avenue. Police said a dye pack the man was carrying exploded on the bus, causing the driver to stop and evacuate passangers."

I guess every criminal has to start out somewhere. You have to knock over a few banks or convenience stores before you can afford to upgrade to a real getaway car. It would be great if this guy could team up with the umbrella guy, though. Maybe one of them could get the money, while the other stands to the side with a boom box that's playing the Benny Hill theme as a soundtrack.

As a side note, assuming it hasn't been proofread by the time you get to the link, the misspelling of "passangers" in the story can be credited to WTAE- Where Spellling Comes Third, Possibly Fourth!



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