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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Meet The New Year, Same As The Old Year

We're all about being unique here in Pittsburgh. While some cities drop a ball at midnight on New Year's Eve, we here in the burgh will raise a ball at 12am. (Yeah! Suck it, New York!)

But before you get too excited thinking about how revolutionary we are, check out what some other cities do to ring in the New Year:

"You've likely seen that ball in Times Square, at least on TV. But you might not believe all the weird stuff rising and dropping to ring in 2007 all over the country, from Flagstaff, Arizona's pinecone to Port Clinton, Ohio's 20-foot, 600-pound 'Wylie the Walleye.'"
-Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Now, I know what you're thinking. With "Clinton" in the town's name, the easy joke would be to ask why they don't drop a pair of pants when the clock strikes twelve. But screw you. I'm not about the easy joke.

And how can you top lowering a 600 lb fish to ring in the new year? Once again, just when we get excited about being "different", the Post Gazette is the sobering yin to our raging yang.

*Ok, I admit this post is filler, but I figured you needed something to clear the Jeff Reed story out of your brain.



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