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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eternal Sunshine Of The Pirate's Mind

Every so often, we here at The Mantooth are forced to have occasion to watch the odd "chick flick" and, while the good ones are few and far between, we're secure enough in our masculinity to admit that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one that stands out.

It's a bizarre movie. If you haven't seen it, the basic premise is that Jim Carrey is in so much anguish over a breakup with his girlfriend, Kate Winslet, that he employs a company to erase all memory of her from his brain. During the procedure, while he's unconscious, he decides that he doesn't want to forget her and starts hiding his memories of her in places in his brain where the doctors won't look. The whole movie is a mind-bender on par with what Dock Ellis probably saw as he pitched that no hitter back in '70 .

Our Pittsburgh Pirates seem to be performing a similar procedure on us, but in reverse. Concerning this Saturday night's planned protest/walk-out (details here with The Average White Guy), the Pirates organization is trying to erase the future:

"[The Pirates] have asked their television announcing crew not to discuss the walkout with the media. They have removed all comments about the walkout from their message board at They have the support of their television rights holder, FSN Pittsburgh, which does not plan to show the protest as part of its game coverage."

-Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Too bad the Nuttings don't expend as much energy putting a winning team on the field as they do trying to make sure that people don't know about this protest.

Too bad they don't realize that, just as the movie ended with Carrey and Winslet agreeing to give their relationship one more try, Pirates fans have been loyal enough to give the organization 14 more tries.

Oh, wait. They do know that.

In fact, they're counting on it.



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