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Monday, June 25, 2007

Willie Would Be Proud

If you're like us, you consult your W.W.W.N.D. (What Would Willie Nelson Do) bracelet before making any major life decisions, so you can imagine our excitement that the higher-ups at Eat'n Park have been doing the same:

"It won't just be the power of suggestion that has you smelling French fries while driving behind Eat'n Park trucks. That's because they'll soon be running on a biodiesel blend made from the oil from the fry vats at their own restaurants."
-Pittsburgh City Paper

So, with their new biodiesel fuel policy and their embracing of the smoking ban (even after it's reversal) Eat'n Park seems to be leading the way in corporate progressiveness.

Some other forward-thinking policies and products that Eat 'n Park will introduce by year's end:

  • Smiley Cookie's fun-loving brother, "The Uncontrollable Giggles Brownie" (note: not on display, ask for "Todd" to hook you up)

  • Waitresses no longer required to shave armpits

  • After a rough night, promises not to play the fucking Eagles on the p.a. system, man

  • Will reach out to King's Family Restaurant's "Frownie"; try to find out what's harshing his mellow



Anonymous Buckaroohawk said...

You mean that at one time the Eat 'N' Park waitresses were required to shave their armpits? Some of the one's I've met must have not gotten that memo.

12:26 PM  
Blogger J.T. said...

Oh, come on, you gotta love the Eat 'n Park mamas...

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Buckaroohawk said...

I never said I didn't love 'em. It's just that some of them grow better mustaches than I can.

Hmmm...maybe I'm just jealous.

1:54 AM  

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