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Friday, June 22, 2007

West End Circle Jerk

It's no secret that the local news outlets generally use kid gloves when it comes to controversial stories about Pittsburgh's major sports teams. Today, the Post Gazette decided to buck that trend by shedding some light on the fact that the Steelers and Pirates (the organizations bitching the loudest about potential traffic problems caused by the new casino) haven't been attending the traffic planning meetings:

"'The ... elephant in the room is that the elephants are not in the room,' said Mark T. Fatla, executive director of the Northside Leadership Conference."
-Pittsburgh Post Gazette

In addition to that, it seems that casino traffic problems don't concern the Rooney family when they own the facility, like the one they're building in Yonkers, NY:

"The facility’s reopening has been delayed; two lawsuits were filed and then settled. All this comes amid neighbors’ concerns over traffic and noise, and other worries about the effects of gambling in general. Undaunted, [Timothy] Rooney speaks confidently of Empire City at Yonkers Raceway and his hopes for the revised facility, which, when complete, will offer up to 7,500 video gaming machines, harness racing and simulcasting, as well as several restaurants, bars and an entertainment venue."
-Westchester County Business Journal

Don't get us wrong; despite the knocks we give them from time to time, come gameday, we're big Steeler and Pirate fans.

But this is just annoying.

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Anonymous pasta said...

Something tells me that the Stillers are more concerned about people getting free drinks and cheap food at the casino, than the traffic cluster #$@# after the game. Because ya know, then they won't be drinking the $8.00 Rolling Rock and eating the $9.00 nacho before and during the game. Just sayin!

7:59 PM  
Blogger J.T. said...

Agreed. I think the Rooneys wanted their own facility where the casino is going to be, too.

Guess the moral is that you'd better buy Park Place when you land on it, 'cause you may lose it to somebody else on the next roll...

9:52 PM  

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