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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

WPXI Puts The "New" In "News"

You have to love that plucky little band of sleuths over at Channel 11. When they're not falling asleep on the air, they're uncovering stories about the ladies in Ben Roethlisberger's life:

"It seems Big Ben has a new girlfriend. Former 'Heroes' actress Missy Peregrym has reportedly been traveling between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh to visit the QB."

It's wonderful that our local news outlets are so dedicated to reporting the latest breaking stories. And by "breaking stories", I mean "things that we've known for almost six months now".

The best part has to be the sly tone. "It seems Big Ben has a new girlfriend." I'm pretty sure that was written by a giant basset hound wearing a Sherlock Holmes-style hat and coat, while smoking a curled pipe in front of the library fireplace.

*Props to The Burgh Blog for finding the narcoleptic Bob Bruce video first. Talk about sleuthy!

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