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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Putting French Fries On A Salad Is Highly Illogical

Big news from the San Diego Comic-Con this week- a Pittsburgher has signed on to play young Mr. Spock in the upcoming big screen re-hash of Star Trek:

"Ending months of speculation, J.J. Abrams announced the first major casting in the director's hush-hush re-energizing of the Star Trek movie franchise by tapping Zachary Quinto to play Spock, the hyper-logical science stud with the pointy ears and Vulcan death grip."

If you're not familiar with Mr. Quinto's work, he plays the brain-eating "Sylar" on Heroes and also had a small role on 24 a season or two back, if memory serves. In 1995, he graduated from Central Catholic and in 1999, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon.

So there you go. If you expected some sort of Pittsburgh-related Star Trek pun, you've come to the wrong place. That's not what we're about. You'll also find no mention here of Quinto spending time in Mars or Moon to prepare for the role. This blog is much too high-brow for that type of thing. Also, I'm tired and can't think of any, so cut me some slack. I'm a doctor, not a writer.

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