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Friday, October 27, 2006

Get On The Bus

Governor Ed Rendell has upset some of his constituency after making these comments about why senior citizens love getting on busses and going to casinos:

“These are people who lead very gray lives. They don’t see their sons and daughters very much. They don’t have much social interaction. There’s not a whole lot of good things that happen in their month,” the governor said of some seniors.
-Lancaster Online

He went on to say that the sights and sounds from the slot machines make up the bulk of what brightens a senior's day. Which, even if true in some cases, is kind of a crappy thing to say.

Not satisfied that the hole was deep enough, Rendell has since kept digging:

"I said some senior citizens lead lives that don't have a lot of excitement. For them, to go gamble and lose $20 or $25 is the lion's share of entertainment in their lives, and that's the truth."
-Gov. Rendell to WTAE

So, according to Rendell, losing their money is the highlight of the day for a lot of senior citizens here in PA.

Even Kenny Rogers knew when to fold 'em, Ed.

Just fold 'em, would ya?



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