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Monday, October 30, 2006

Day Of The Dead

One of the undead chasing a citizen of Oakland, CA

Not sure if you caught this on the news, but zombies were sighted on the west coast yesterday afternoon.

The undead were first noticed around 4:30pm yesterday in Oakland, California, when locals sighted the creatures dressed in black and gold slowly stumbling and shambling about with confused, disoriented looks on their faces.

An elite tactical squad (codename "Raiders") was sent in to neutralize the infestation and quickly contained the problem when they found that the walking dead were ultimately harmless and that the lead zombie could be easily stopped with a shot to the head.

The only Oakland casualty seems to be a resident named Al Davis, who was last seen shuffling around slack-jawed with a blank, non-emotive stare, even as those around him celebrated the defeat of the living dead.

When asked to comment, Davis said, "Braaaaaiiinnnnnss."

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