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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where Split Ends Aren't Allowed And Clipping Is Encouraged

Ahhh, sweeps week. The time of the year when the TV networks desperately try to grab your attention with unusual and, sometimes, controversial programming.

Here in Pittsburgh, sweeps week always equals the 3 local "newscasts" trying to somehow fit the Steelers into their "news". Steelers, Steelers, and Steelers. Or anything that even remotely involves a Steeler. Or kind of sounds like the word "Steelers". In other words, they assume that all of their viewers are sitting in front of the TV, dressed like the guy shown in the picture.

For example, last night on WTAE, Sally Wiggin did a powerful and insightful story on the beauty salon owned by Steelers' DB Mike Logan. Not to be outdone, WPXI will have a story tonight about the "secret" salon where the Steelers get their hair cut.

Now, I'm as big of a football fan as the next guy... but come on.

Where do they get their pedicures done??!?!

You've gotta dig deeper, Pittsburgh News Broadcasters.

You're better than this.

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